Can Libre Office products be converted to MS Office products

Can LibreOffice products be saved as MS products if I do not have MS Office on my computer?

Yes. I have never had MS Office on my computer. See here. But you should always save your own copy of your documents in LibreOffice’s native format. Send the MS version to users who need it.

Hi Newhere

There are a tremendous number of import/export filters that arrive with every copy of LO. That is intended to mean that you can both convert from a foreign file into LO’s native format (the import part) & also save to a foreign format (the export part). You will find these filters under the “File type” box during the file-open or file-save process.

Results vary, but folks are generally happy with the feature.

As already expressed, always work in LO’s native format for your own files, and convert as necessary.

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