Can Libre Office work with Dragon speech recognition

I have Libre Office 3.5 and Dragon Naturally Speaking 11.5 running on Win7. Unfortunately Dragon does not work with Libre Office. There have been reports of a problem with Dragon and Open Office 3.3 and 3.4 that apparently relates to Adobe Flash (except for version 10.3).

Detailed response here for later versions of LO.

I’ve used Dragon 11.5 in Libre Office 3.4, and I just ran tests in 3.5 and everything appears to be working the way I remember. As a disclaimer I have not written a document using Dragon in Libre Office 3.5. what exactly have you been experiencing?

I am unable to reproduce any of the issues that you’re currently expressing a writer, however, I am having several issues with commands in calc. That being said I am having no issues entering data into the cells. Though I will admit I do not use Dragon with Calc and as a result I’m not that familiar with how the commands should be entered. My best recommendation in regards to writer would be to spend some more time training Dragon is what you’re describing sounds a lot like recognition errors. Finally to switch between different applications use the command “Switch to …” As Dragon will use the select command to find information in the body of text that you’re working with.

Problems with Dragon in LibreOffice:

(I don’t have these problems in other programs such as Notepad WordPad Nopad++, Firefox, Thunderbird. In the past I did not have these problems with older versions of OpenOffice, but I have the same problens with the new versions of Open Office.)

Using the spreadsheet
First the good news:
“Mouse double click” works on a cell to enter the cell
“tab” works
“line up” and “line down” work

Now the rest of the news:
If I say click file it shows “click start”

I cannot put anything into a cell. It usually responds with “Please say that again”

Sometimes it seems to be close to recognizing the speech; “the quick brown fox” becomes “click around text”

The Check-Microphone drill does not help.

Using the text app

“the quick red fox jumped over the sleeping dog” becomes “click correct”

“Move up n lines” and “move down n lines” both work

“select programs” becomes “select forward nine lines”

Most dictation comes back as “please say that again”

“There was a lofty ship” comes back as “show libreoffice Calc” and opens LibreOffice Calc! (Is that a documented command?)

“Move forward five characters” works fine.

All the above is in “normal mode”; “dictation mode” does not help.