Can Libre take data from spread sheet and auto insert into custom labels?

I am looking for a way to take a list of names and print them on custom label sheets (three per page, with additional text). Libre looks versatile enough to do this; however, I am hoping to get confirmation before I start learning the suite. My hopes are to design a label template that a novice user can add to Libre, so that all they then need to do is enter their list of names in the spreadsheet and either a) simply print via the label template from there, in a fairly hands-off method, or b) perform a simple conversion to the included word processor, have it insert to the template, and print from there. My computer skills are intermediate, but I have not used Libre before today. Thank you.

Yes it can.
Here are some ways you might approach this:

  1. You could have the names on the
    first sheet in a Calc document, and the
    template on another sheet making
    reference to the first. This is not
    so dynamic as you may have to
    aniticipate the size of the list of
    names then build the template to match. I
    wouldn’t like this route
  2. You could do a mail merge sort-of-approach using Writer instead. You
    design the template in Writer and use fields for the names. Then, tie the fields to
    a spreadsheet via the mail-merge feature. The names will change to reflect corresponding entries on the spreadsheet during printing. This is likely the route you need
  3. You could do the template as either
    spreadsheet, base form or writer doc
    and then use the scripting framework (macros) to
    programmatically iterate the
    reference spreadsheet and dump
    values on the template. A bit of a
    task though having to write such
    script but you might wanna have some

Good luck