Can Libreoffice base do it?

Hello to all,

well to put it simply I want to make a program for my work/diploma that would expedite the unloading and loading procces in a warehouse.

And just wanted to ask the experts here if this is possible using Base?

In short the program would have 4 Users accessing the same database at the sime time and would need to have live updates (30s-1 min would also be acceptable).

The program would look like a excel sheet

The colors indicate the status of the order:

-green completed

-yellow missing truck

-blue missing CNT/container

-red CNT still in port

The users would have all diferent priveleges regarding editing but all of them can see all the data

User-1 (admin)-control of all the data

User-2 (truck arrival registratio)- input and modify truck arrival time and license plate

User-3 (container unloading and loading)- input and modify truck arrival time to warehouse, time of unloading and time of finished lodaing of the truck

User-4 (moderator/supervisor)- input containers that are to be picked up in port, be able to modify existing combinations of data(example combining the blue and yelow row by copy paste the values)


You would be better off writing something entirely from scratch instead of trying to make Base look like something it isn’t.

yeah that is why I asked in the first place didnt want to strat making the databese and forms if in the end i can not make it as i wish due to limitations :S