Can Libreoffice Base Report create column reports (horizontal)

I’ve seen a couple things in the forums but nothing very recent that asks this question. I’m trying to build a Profit and Loss report. The general ledger account names should be on the left and the amounts should list to the right. Each column should be a job with the job as the heading.

                     job1               job2             job3            job4 ..... jobX





records are stored by job with the fields being the accounts. I see how it is easy to do this the other way in reports but don’t see any way to do this. Am I missing something? Sorry if this is a dumb question.


There is no method in Report Builder for a Columns setting.

At best, the input, based upon what you want, would be records containing:

account(x), job(1),job(2),job(x)

and positioning as you desire.

There have been some meticulous SQL statements to generate multi column/multi page reports but it is not easy.

Maybe should be possible, using a query from database as input for a pivot table, I think could solve the problem easier.