Can LibreOffice be configured to show filename extensions

The LibreOffice 4.4 opening screen lists files and icons. The filenames do not include or show the filename extension making it a challenge to recognize the specific filetype. Is there a way to configure LibreOffice to always show file extensions or to at least follow the Windows settings in this regard?

If I hover the cursor over the icon the full path and filename with extension is shown but this is tedious when all I want to do is find the file I need to work on.

Also this screen seems to only show large icons. Is is possible to configure this screen to show file details?

Are you seeing the extensions in other applications?

Which OS are you using?


The same is true in LO 6.x

File extensions

If a setting to change this behavior exists then I have failed to find it.
I see no issue. There is little point in displaying filename extensions when working with documents.
The only case I can think of is if you want to distinguish between, say, MS Office and LO documents. Perhaps during transitioning from one office suite to another. Such a scenario is better dealt with in the OS file manager.

My verdict is that the requested functionality serves little practical purpose, if any at all.

If I am wrong then please motivate why I am so.

I work with documents produced by different programs, regularly. I have never required the requested feature.

Thumbnail sizes

I see no way to change the size of the document thumbnails.
There appears to be no way of changing this.


Perhaps you should file a feature request on the bug tracker?

I’m using 6.3 and my file extension for calc files, .ods shows in the title bar. I am using LinuxMint 19. I know windows and Mac hide the extension from users at times. You don’t say what system you are using. I import excel and .csv files weekly so the extension does matter. But I don’t remember ever setting extensions to show.

I set the default in my Operating System to always display file extensions. This avoids making mistakes in the use of documents as I frequently save them in several different formats, depending on their use and the audience to whom I might send them. I highly recommend displaying file extensions.