Can LibreOffice be installed without administrator rights?

Recently, user rights were restricted on my work, for which reason I no longer have administrator rights for installing programs. From a security point of view, this is a reasonable restriction. However, I can no longer update LibreOffice on my computer, as the update would require administrator rights.

I may be able to uninstall the current LibreOffice installation (or get IT support to do it for me), but I am wary to try it, unless I am sure I can re-install it afterwards. Especially since an installation at my new home computer asked for administrator rights to install LibreOffice.

Is there a way to install LibreOffice (on Windows) without administrator rights?

EDIT: Thanks for the answer on installation as “separate install”, which works fine. The file extensions are still associated with the original installation, though. Is there a way to associate the LibreOffice documents with the separate installation?

See here: Installing several versions of LibreOffice in parallel