Can LibreOffice be used to Single Source Docs?

Our goal is to store content as chunks, outside of docs, in a tree of categories in Alfresco ECM CE 5.0.
We then want to be able to generate a doc from the “chunks” of content (text docs, images, etc.).

Can we use LibreOffice to do this?

What is described sounds somewhat like a software configuration management (SCM) backend with an office software frontend. In rudimentary terms, images and other objects can be linked rather than embedded however LO is designed to open/save a document as a single container. At the very least I imagine the intermediary document dis/assembly layer would need to be a custom written component.

So the backend piece will be handled separately. The files will be stored in Alfresco with the appropriate categories, hierarchies, etc. What I want is a front end piece (like LibreOffice) where I can utilize those files to create a document. For example, I want to insert 2 - 3 text files and 2 - 3 images from my Alfresco content repository into a document with a predetermined template. Can this be done?