Can LibreOffice Calc produce vector graphics?

RE: Windows 10 [64-bit], LibreOffice v7.1.4.2 (x64)
The charts and graphs that LibreOffice Calc produces are typically exported as a raster image; e.g., .png. Is it possible for Calc to also create charts and graphs in a vector format?
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Copy the chart, open LibreOffice Draw, and paste there.

From Draw you can export as SVG.

Tested with LibreOffice (x86); OS: Windows 6.1.

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Thanks LeroyG; that worked! Tried to up-vote your answer but I lack the necessary permissions.

You’re welcome!

You can also right-click on a chart in Calc and click Export as image, in the dialog, select .svg

Thanks Earnest AI; that worked equally well!

@EarnestAl, Your comment needs to be the first answer (I will vote it). I don’t tried that, misguided (my fault) by the question.

Maybe, but going via Draw also allows further information to be added manually.

Another way could be to export to pdf, I haven’t specifically tested for this question, but export to pdf retains vectors where they exist

Yes, I don’t put the PDF option, because you will need to open it in Draw. So, it is easy to copy and paste.