Can libreoffice draw edit the catalogue for PDF

I have a PDF without catelogue, I want to add one, but find out there is no edit function in the libreoffice draw. And I had search for a long while. No direct answer even the similar answer.

I assume you mean the TOC which can be added to a PDF as metadata (navigation aid) by the application creating the PDF.

The answer is NO. Draw is a drawing application. It handles graphical objects and shapes. PDF is a display format where data has been frozen to some state and converted to graphical elements (yes, even text). Draw operates on these elements and does not manage metadata.

So, use the application and original file contents to recreate a PDF with whatever metadata you like. Or try to find a PDF editor capable of generating such metadata (I doubt such an editor exists because the file initial semantics has been stripped off and reconstructing it by hand from scratch looks to me as doomed to fail – or requesting such an amount of time that it is pure waste).

Thank you for reply. I just find the pdftk can add the catalogue. But it’s a bit complicated to operate on linux.

PDF is basically a fixation-and-output format. A pdf-file may contain additional information helping a dedicated editor to work with it. It may be “hybrid” e.g. if created this way with LibreOffice itself, and then contain an odf-representation of the source document in addition to the pdf standard making it readable and printable on systems providing no access to LibO.
Everything any software can do otherwise is to guess in what way contained elements may have been intended to form a context.

None of the components of LibreOffice is in any way suitable as a pdf-editor.

Any document can insert a pdf as a kind of image, and Draw can open a pdf-file containing text pieces by creating a TextBox for each one of these pieces.

Thank you for replying so fast.

You mean libre office can edit the catalogue of PDF, could you show me how?

My answer only addressed the question if PDF can be edited at all reasonably using Draw.

In fact I don’t even know what you mean by “the catalogue of PDF” or “the catalogue for PDF”, and I wonder fror what reason you use “for” in the subject and “of” in your comment.
If a “catalogue of PDF” is something expected to be a part of an ordinary PDF, I only can tell that I never heard of it.
If you are talking of a catalogue (a commercial one?) to be presented as any interactive PDF, I’m not the right one. I’m not interested in catalogues.
If you mean a different thing, you should tell precisely - and be prepared to find that I don’t know anything about it. Somebody else may know, however.

Forgive my poor english, “the catalogue of PDF” or “the catalogue for PDF” both means the PDF’s catalogue. Just like the picture below.

Thank you all.

Now I know the answer is no. I just find out the pdftk tool can add catalogue to PDF file.

here is the example, and how to add.