Can LibreOffice utilise the numeric keypad?

My HP Pavilion has a numeric keypad. As a retired accountant, I am very accustomed to using it. It does not work in LibreOffice. Is there a way for me to turn the function on?

LibreOffice does not control keyboard settings, it uses what the operative system provides. Does the numeric keypad work in other applications? What happens if you press the Num Lock key?

Thanks. Still experimenting with different combinations.

I have HP Pavilion and have no problem using the numeric keypad with Windows 8.

I have a Dell Precision 7710 with belgian keyboard (azerty)
On Windows 10 the numeric point works correctly in Libreoffice calc.
On Manjaro linux XFCE (on a hp envy 17) it also works.
On the Dell with Manjaro KDE the point of the numeric keypad is does not work for decimals (in my language (dutch) we use a comma for decimal and a point for thousand separator).
Libreoffice calc is almost unusable without the numeric keypad, and always turn number into text when a point is used. On other KDE applications like Kcalc it works as intended.

I’ve spend hours trying to figure out some setting but for the moment without succes.

try xev from terminal to get the keycode for the keypad-period-key.

see man xmodmap how to remap the key.
the Command should something like:

xmodmap -e "keycode nn = comma"
#replace 'nn' by the keycode emmited from xev

Hello, The use of the comma or decimal point is normally dictated by the regional preferences of your system. It is NOT an ideal solution but it is a quick patch
(Try entering the settings or configuration of your graphical environment.) In the case of KDE Plasma these are found in the Regional Preferences/Formats section.

For example in my case (Mexico) My regional settings are customized, personally I like to use the ISO Format for short dates and the use of decimal comma [since we do not formally have a standard that dictates that you must use a comma or point, and are used ambiguously] so In Numerical format I use comma and space in thousand separator and in currency the default configuration with decimal point. [the only conflict with currency is if in your case, the currency symbol is different from that of another Local that has the decimal point format, in which case what you could do is create a custom Local with the format you are looking for, this changes depending on the system but you can easily find guides on google]

Note, Using different locales may break some things or throw messages in the terminal that the locales cannot be terminated or the Locale_ALL is being exceeded. can normally be ignored but there are some applications that are sensitive to this setting and will not start if the full locale is not installed