Can LO be installed under Pidora (Fedora Remix)?

LibreOffice is not listed or available under the Pidora (DistroWatch) operating system’s ‘Yum’ installation utility.

Please, in future, include links that clearly explain the context. This makes it easier for others to provide assistance. Thanks.

As the DistroWatch page indicates:

Pidora is a Linux software distribution for the Raspberry Pi computer. It contains software packages from the Fedora project compiled for the ARMv6 architecture … [emphasis added]

In other words what is required is a version of LO for ARM+GNU/Linux, and there is no such version as yet, although I suppose the x86/x86_64+GNU/Linux versions could be cross-compiled for this architecture. Refer related threads about tablet support here, here, and here. A version for ARM+Android is currently being worked on (related threads here and here) but to what degree this will assist with porting to ARM+GNU/Linux is unclear.