Can LO be used for collaboration (multi-person, real-time, document editing)?

is this function ready? Waiting for it, as an alternative to Google Doc or owncloud (WebODF) :slight_smile:

Inserting links without explaining what is behind it makes a question look like spam. To answer your question “what about …?”: “what about it?”

No, LibreOffice does not support simultanuous editing of a document by multiple people on different computers like Google Docs/Drive supports. There is no synchronisation system that shows edits made by others in real time in the LibreOffice application.

Yes, LO itself is not ready. Available collaboration options for LO are listed in this alternate forum thread.

@Dragonic - What about looking at the release notes located here:

I found “an experimental feature → live streaming data” (only for Calc. but I need Writer streaming), and it doesn’t work for me

@Dragonic, “live streaming data” means that Calc can receive data from the internet in real-time (like stock trade, etc). It is not related to having cloud based applications (unfortunately…)

If you are asking about calc the option is in Menu/Tools/Share document, there is an explanation about can be edited in share mode. And I think only works with native file format (ods). Click help button to know how it works.