Can LO select all "style similar/same as", like MS Office?

MS Office allows a particular style to be selected and the drop down format menu allows the user to select all styles that are the same or similar to the selected style. For example this allows all headings of a particular style and color to be changed at the same time. Is there a way to do this same function in LO?

In Find & Replace dialog, you can select searching for attributes and/or text format; or searching for paragraph styles. Using Find All, you may select all the text chunks with wanted properties, and then use normal Writer tools to apply your modifications.

Thanks, this may be closer to what I was looking for - I’ll give it a try :slight_smile:

To change all headings of a particular style, right-click on any heading formatted with the style, Styles → Edit style, make required modifications, and all headings will change.

Note that styles are hierarchical, thus, if you change a parent style, all child styles change in the parts where they inherit settings from the parent, but overridden settings won’t change. For example, all Heading X styles (where X is a number) are child styles of Heading. Try modifying Heading and see what happens to Heading X. Obviously, when you undo changes of the parent style, all child styles will follow.

Go to Writer Guides, download a suitable guide and learn more.

In the example I gave in my question perhaps I should have been clearer - I dont want to change all headings, just headings that are a certain color or attribute. Unfortunately this does not work if you want to change just words that are bold or italics of a certain font which is a common problem for me.

I see. Then Mike Kaganski’s advise may be a better answer, indeed. You might also try this: