CAn LO Writer find and replace carriage return with paragraph marks?

Word does this using ^l and ^p in the search and replace fields.

My coding experience is that LO/OO uses:-

  • (U+000A) LF for a newline
  • (U+000D) CR for a new paragraph
  • (U+000C) FF for a new page

Thus, easy enough to search/replace from Basic, but I’m unsure how they would be expressed within the program to search/replace, or indeed whether it is even possible.

If this helps then please tick the answer (:heavy_check_mark:).

Check out and LibreOffice help on regular expressions. As a novice I’ve found the AltSearch extension mentioned on that site is a bit easier to use (it is available as a LibreOffice extension, )

This worked for me.

Go to Edit > Find & Replace. Turn on ‘Regular expressions’.

Search for \n. Replace with \n. (Same thing).

This replaces carriage return with a normal paragraph mark.

This does work. For more information:

and especially: