Can non-LibreOffice charts be pasted with embedded data?

Can charts created with other programs such as Excel be pasted into LibreOffice with their data? If so, with which programs is that possible? And do we need to do anything special to get to the data or can we just right-click (in edit mode) and select Data Table?

LibreOffice Calc works much like Excel. how do I do a blood/glucose curve?

The article linked to is about creating a chart in Calc with Calc data. I don’t see how that relates to my question. You are quite helpful with other issues so I must be missing something here.

See the answer from Mike Kakanski.

You may do that from any third-party program that supports embedding its data using OLE. Such data is not managed by LibreOffice, and Lo displays the image generated by the OLE server. Editing such object starts the said server (original program used for creation of the data), if it’s available on the system, and the set of actions on the data wholly depends on that software.

Thank you. What are some examples of third-party programs that support embedding data with OLE? From what I gather, Excel is one. You say that editing such a chart in Calc starts a server. But what server? Where? How do I edit/access it? The specifics may depend on the application but can you give some general guidance?

Update: I have since found that for linking, “server” refers to the external program. Since Mike answered my initial question, I will mark this post answered and ask my other questions elsewhere.