Can not change column width on protected sheet

How to change column width in protected sheet?

I receive the file from email contains protected sheet, and I can’t see some figures because the column is not wide enough.

A work around: Select all cells in the sheet (Ctrl-A), copy (Ctrl-C), and paste into a separate blank spreadsheet (Right-click, Paste Only/Number).

That’s it. In my case, i just paste everything, change the column width and I can print the sheet without the “###” on the table. Thank you!!

Maybe the file is only-read because you are open it directly from the email, what puts the file in a temporary directory, and this is the reason for make it only-read, because is easily lose a document saved in a temporary directory.
You can first save before open, or make the file editable with the edit icon.

image description

The file already in harddisk. Nothing wrong with the cells. I can edit, modify, save, and reopen file without any problem. I can reproduce the sample file. It contain only one protected cell (not protecting the entire sheet).