Can not get bullet transitions to flow the way I need them to in Impress

What I need to do seems simple enough in theory. I can easily apply animations to my bullet lists, that’s not the problem. What I need the bullets to do is show one at a time, but start in the center of the slide and work their way out towards the edges as they show.

So bullet one would show up centered along the y axis of the slide, then bullet two would come in and slightly move bullet one up. Bullet three would come in, moving one and two up, so that now bullet two is centered along the y axis, and so on. I need this to flow smoothly in this manner because I am launching my career with a staff training that will be using this presentation, and need it to be as polished as humanly possible. I’ve searched and re-searched the forums, looked for similar solutions on other software that may have applied here, and consulted YouTube University :-P, but to no avail. I’m honestly not at all sure of what to do at this point. Any advice to accomplish this, including alternative Linux software, would be amazing.

Thank you in advance,