Can not install in Windows 10

I got the notice there is an update to today, so I went to the download page and told it to download the msi file, which was fine. When I tried to install the system said the installation was interrupted. Turned off AV, still had problems. I right clicked on the file and ran Windows troubleshooter and the troubleshooter states the msi file is incompatible with Windows. I also rebooted the system with the same result, so here I am. The previous version still works, so I’m not dead in the water.

Maybe one of the Windows installation issues FAQ, i.e. previous version installer is requested.

I was able to install I had to go to the windows assistance (was linked in Google don’t remember the URL).

I had to go into the command prompt (DOS replacement) as admin, then run three tests on the system. The registry was corrupt, so I had to run the DISM utility. At that point the system had me reboot, I went into file manager and installed I believe the last program I ran was:
DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth
A web page for Windows 10 that is similar to what I saw is

The conclusion is the registry was corrputed and I figured that was the problem when I tried to uninstall the old version. Fortunately I only lost three hours. Good luck if this is your problem!