Can not paste as html from web browser

I try to paste a table from web browser (the entire page) to LO (calc and write) using Paste Special >> HTML, but both end with freeze. I try both firefox and chrome browser, and still not succeed.

Any solution?

I need to retouch the table, because it generated from our web-base application.

Can you post a sample link?.

just try copy-paste the whole page in this link:
I also try use other browser, Opera. The result quite diferent. I don’t know it is the browser problem, system (ubuntu linux) clipboard problem, or libreoffice problem. Still searching.

Here’s my experience, and a suggestion. I used a Smashing Mag table design page as a source to copy/paste a table.

Experience: From either Firefox 21 or Chromium 25 (I’m writing this from Lubuntu), simply copy > Edit > Paste Special… > HTML copies the table in as a table. There is no freeze, and the table copied from FF is prettier. :slight_smile:

This strikes me as counter-intuitive: “paste as HTML” would suggest getting the raw code, not a formatted table. Is it a bug or a feature?

Suggestion: However, I assume you want to edit the code? Simplest for me: in Firefox, Select the table > Right-click > View Selection Source > copy highlighted code > paste (as normal) into Writer. Simple, fast, foolproof. This is how I would do it, anyway.

Actually, I didn’t think to edit the code. I just want to make the table appearance pretier using Libre Office Calc.

Paste as text just make an ugly table. Paste form chrome, they all came to a single line text in a cell.

I want to paste HTML table and want to get a table (in calc) as well. But not yet succeed.

First of all, Calc it is not an HTML editor.

The entire page it is not only one table, there near to thirty tables in.

You can import in calc the table you want trough Menu/Inser/Link to external data.
Paste the link address, press enter and wait a bit.
There you can select what table from the page import.
Select the updating time, optional.
To modify the link, Menu/Edit/Links
This way is more adequate to import data in calc.