Can only selected LO applications be installed in Linux?

I only have a need for Writer and Calc. One of my Linux distros (Ubuntu) is installed on a flash drive that I use as a portable OS. It’s virtually out of space, and I’m looking for ways to remove unneeded stuff to free up space.

LibreOffice is normally installed and maintained as a single, integrated application. At least some of what is specific to each LO application is in separate packages that are apparently included via a meta package for the suite. It looks like I could uninstall some of those, but that won’t help if the package manager reinstalls them when it updates LibreOffice.

Does LibreOffice support installing and (automatically) maintaining only a subset of the suite? If so, can I simply uninstall unneeded modules or is other action required?

The automatic maintenance of installed packages and metapackages depends on the maintainers of the package, and is distro-specific. However, keep in mind that trying to uninstall some “unneeded” packages could result in unexpected problems, when e.g. missing Base would disable some functionality in Writer and Calc (like Bibliography, or Mail Merge).

Thanks. Hadn’t considered how functionality might be affected. It sounds like even if there was a mechanism to select just the apps you want to include, and that grabbed everything required for all of their functionality, you wouldn’t end up saving enough space to make that exercise worth the effort.

You might also consider a lighter Linux distro. Depending upon which one you use, there may be some savings to be had there, too.

That would be the logical solution. Unfortunately, I need that specific distro for my purpose, so I’m looking for what I can shave.