Can other Font types be downloaded and added to LibreOffice?

Hello I use Linux Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS and LibreOffice version 60.7.3. I am wanting to print Wedding type invitation envelopes with a caligraphy type script but have been unable to find anything even close on the version I have. The closest is Comic Sans MS and it is not really a script. Is there a way to download what I need and add it to my LibraOffice? If so what website do you recommend. I would appreciate an answer fairly quickly as to whether this is possible or not as I would like to begin addressing my envelopes as soon as possible. Thank you.


fonts are managed by the operation system and not by LibreOffice (though it installs some fonts). Hence you need to install the font using your operating systems method (on Ubuntu a double click on the font should start the font manager to install a font). Afterwards you can use the font (after a restart) within LibreOffice (the only exception are Type 1 fonts, which are not supported by LibreOffice any more).

Hence you need to search the internet for (free) fonts, which meet your requirements and install it on Ubuntu:

Possible starting points:

… and many more when searching the net for “Download free fonts” or “Download Opentype Fonts Calligraphy”

Hope that helps.

How do I get the new fonts to show up in LibreOffice now, I have downloaded and installed a number of them but not sure how to access them in LibreOffice.

Restart LibreOffice and they should be accessible just like all other fonts via font selection drop down(s) (Just tested using Lovely Home from Calligraphy Fonts ✒️ Download 4,200+ Free | FontSpace on Ubuntu 18.04 ann LibreOffice 6.0.7 and it works as described)

Fonts are installed in your system, not in LibreOffice. I’m not familiar with Ubuntu (I use openSUSE Leap), but for sure you’ll get many more fonts directly from your package manager. Also, you can download any font from any place in Internet such as the Font Library and install it directly it your system. If you are not familiar with Linux filesystem, just copy all the fonts files in your home profile at ~/.fonts/ (you can use subfolders to classify the fonts) and then restart LibreOffice.

Note that the directory ~/.fonts is hidden, how to access it will depend on your desktop environment.