Can PowerPC please be supported in the long term?

Please keep support for OSX PowerPC, LO is one of the packages that keeps the PPC ecosystem.


Thanks for this appreciation!

There is support for PPC, just not official TDF support. Look out for Doug Mencken’s builds.

Last TDF build was v4.0.6.2. Doug Mencken git repository is here and it contains a link to his website with details of the Manulix PowerPC 32 bit build for GNU/Linux. Related LO Dev mailing list discussion here.

I am still actively using the latest libreoffice build on powerpc, my machine is a powerpc g5, I use it daily at work and intend to do so until it dies.
I believe there are still other users interested in these builds, as per this google forum thread:!topic/comp.sys.mac.apps/wmK1N-OIQnQ

kind regards