can records be duplicated in libreoffice 5 base

I enter many records mostly with the same fields, so it would be easier for me to duplicate, then alter the necessary fields.


Yes, this is possible. As an aside, it is usually better not to have duplicate information in your database, but you do and to copy it to other tables, use the ToolsSQL feature to craft an appropriate INSERT query.

INSERT INTO "destTable" ("destCol1", "destCol2")
SELECT "srcCol1", "srcCol2"
FROM "srcTable"

Here is the HSQLDB page with the syntax.

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If I might add to @doug’s excellent advice:

  1. Be sure that your destination table has one field set to autonumber. This will ensure that each record is unique. Also, set an index (preferably as primary) on this field. This will help speed search and retrieval of records.

  2. I am trying to envision your method of data entry from your description – so forgive me if this method is not on point, but you could use a form to get defaults and allow you to enter only the unique field data. I’m new to LO, but here is how I would set this up in MS-Access (however, I’m taking this setup off the top of my head; I’m sure doug can correct for anything specific to LO Base):

a) Copy the structure of your data table to a new table. For our example, we will name the data table “tbl_data” and the new table “tbl_defaults.”

b) Populate the appropriate fields in tbl_defaults with the standardized data.

c) Create a new form. Set the form record source to tbl_data.

d) Add controls from tbl_data to the form.

e) For each control whose underlying record source (tbl_data) field will contain standardized data, create a query as the control data source and select the data from the appropriate field in tbl_defaults.

f) If you don’t want to change the standardized data but still want to see it on the form, set the Locked property to “Yes” for the appropriate fields. If you don’t even want to see the standardized data on the form, set the Visible property to “Yes” for the appropriate fields.

Hope this helps.

Perhaps the easiest method is to set a default value for the Fields that are to contain the same data. In Edit mode for the Table click on the Field and you will see at the bottom left below Length - Default value. Enter here the data that you want this Field to have in every new Record.