Can see only 2 pages out of 35 page document

I am working on Statsistical Report for pharma compnay. I have many test cases and readings and documenting them uisng images, tables etc. i have created this document using older version of Microsoft Word. The total number of pages is nearby 40. With many reviews and Comments
Problem occurs it shows be only 2 pages iwhen viewd n normal view and it just crashes wheras when viewd in web layout I can see all pages.
Secondly all comments are merged in one.
How can I have a proper output and get it sorted

Can you give us your MSOffice file?

Since the file is very confidential, won’t be able to share.
It’s just a normal filewith diagrams and tables in review mode.

Any reasons why it;s not able to see all pages in normal mode.
The Two pages also shown with algnment changes.

Any reasons why it’s not able to see all pages in normal mode

A bug, which is impossible to fix, since there’s no way for us to see without a sample document.

Maybe you could try opening it in Google Docs or Microsoft Word Online to see if it displays properly? Then you could save from there to a new name and try to open it again in LibreOffice?