Can someone help me download LibreOffice?

Newest version: (?)
Language: English
Component: LibreOffice

During the installation process the Install Wizard stops & a pop-up indicates “Object already exists.” The install wizard doesn’t give an explanation, or a solution to fix the problem. The only option is to cancel the installation process. I am not a computer person, so please explain directions/solution as clearly as possible in laymen’s terms. Thanks!

Which OS are you using?

Do let us know which operating system you are on - are you using a Mac, or a Windows box, or a linux one?

Do you want to try this again? Why don’t you download the latest from Download the appropriate version for your operating system. The latest version seems to be

If you face this issue again, then do you already have LibreOffice installed on your system? Maybe uninstalling it, and then installing the new one will make things work.