Can someone help me locate the location of a document to delete?

I have a document that I would like to delete but I can’t find it’s location anywhere on the PC. When I open LibreOffice, it is shown there with other recent documents. I can find the other documents that are shown in their locations, and where they are located but one: (http:// is no where to be found? I have done an entire search “on PC” and it can’ find it. PS I don’t recall ever creating this doc. to begin with…!!
Thank you!
Eeka Mouse

Is it just a URL? It’s possible that it’s not ON your computer. If you opened or viewed an online file with LibreOffice, and it’s not in your downloads folder, then don’t worry about it—just get it off of the recent documents list the way razon_22 describes.

Thanks, Hard to tell but I cleared it.

If you see something like that again, just turn off your internet connection and then try opening it. If it works, it’s stored on your computer; if it doesn’t, it was online in the first place.

I want to store on my computer and name the folder on my hard drive to store it on. Sounds like this person wanted the same thing.

In the LibreOffice start center, hover over the recent document preview and click the X in the upper right-hand corner. This will remove it from your recent documents list.

Did the trick, thanks!

I want to store the documents on my computer and name the folder. Apparently it’s stored on the Internet by default. How do I change to store locally?