Can template adapt on different number of columns ?

Hello ! Just a question about template.
Here is the situation : I need to format automatically my spreadsheets with 80 sheets, and so every week. At hand that’s too much work I think you agree with me.
I read a lot about creating my own template to do that. I guess it could fit but I see one problem and I don’t know if a template can overcome it.
My dataframe is composed of 3 columns per year, one column with the date, one column with the data and one empty column. What I want to do is to add a formula in every empty column. The problem is the formula is different in each empty column (it’s basically a subtraction of my cell A$1- one cell data from my data column, which change every year)
The number of year can change through the data I’m using.
So I need a template that can automatically fill a number undetermined of columns with a formula (and enter I don’t know how on what cell are based the formulas)
Is it possible to do with a template ? or should I really learn macro ? Because I feel it’ll really be difficult for me to learn Basic, as it seems really unnatural for me and I’m not a god in programming too.
BTW if it’s possible is there a way to only format one sheet and apply the same format for each of them ?

Thank you for your answer

I see two possible approaches.

  • Most likely candidate is to use redirection by either INDIRECT() or OFFSET() function.
  • For some cases, multiple operations may work better.

Without more info about how the “irregular” piece of data is determined and the nature of your sheets (like how to create, fill them with data, and what operations are performed on the data), it is not easy to provide more detailed help.