Can the sidebar in writer v. be docked on the left side for us lefties?

writer v. english
windows 7 pro english

I noticed the sidebar can be undocked on the right side of the workspace. Can it docked on the left? The right side is awkward for left handed people using their left hand on the mouse. Lefties visually orientate to the left so it’s more comfortable with the tools docked on the left rather than the right side of the workspace.

Hi JRachel973

I just tried dragging mine across to the left. It did not complain & docked at the left. Have you tried that yet?

  1. Click on the Spanner (title bar should now say `Properties’)
  2. Click ‘n’ hold with the mouse in the Properties title-bar
  3. Drag to the left until it docks with the LHS margin.

Probably best to do all of above in an empty window (no active document).

Thanks Alex. This also works for Version:

Just to clarify (v6.0.7.3 on Kubuntu/KDE), the sidebar must be docked, then you can drag it by the “title bar”. If it is already undocked, it will be treated like a separate window and won’t try to reattach itself to the main window; so, it behaves like a toolbar when docked, but an independent window when undocked.