Can there be multiple color scales (in Conditional Formatting)?

In Calc there’s a column with #s in which there’s categories of consecutive #s, all categories also consecutive to one another (ie: categories are groups of 5, category 1 = 1-5, category 2 = 6-10, …); these need to be clearly differentiated. If possible within those categories, the color become darker as the # increase.

Attached if what I tried to make

but no matter the # I put in, the color seem to be within the scale of the 1st condition.

Thank you kindly for your help

From my understanding your solution is based on a misunderstanding. Minimum and Maximum define the start and end color. All values less than Minimum value get the color defined for Minimum and all values greater than Maximum value get the color defined for Maximum. Hence it makes no sense to use more than one condition (I’d agree, if you state: “Then it should not be possible to define more than one condition in case of using All Cells-type of Conditional Formatting”).

Please read the Guide:

LibreOffice Calc - Conditional Formatting Guide (PDF-File)

Then is there some other way to do what I’d like? (categories of consecutive #s, all categories also consecutive to one another, categories need to be clearly differentiated, optionally within those categories darker as the # increase)
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The only thing I can see:

Define multiple (n) Conditional Formatting, one for each of your categories and related ranges (requires your values being ordered)


the answer to your question: No - there is only one conditions possible (see also my comment above)

see also: Frequently asked questions - Calc - The Document Foundation Wiki, where you can find the following annotation to Image labeled “Scale from Tango: Sky blue 1 to Light red via Yellow (Formule)”:

The values used will be respectively 10, 60 and 80. The gradient begins with blue for values equal to 10 (values lesser than 10 will also be colored in blue, the “minimum” color), and ends at 80 in red (values greater than 80 will be colored in red, the maximum value).

Hope that answers your question.