Can we type in telugu in libreoffice in fedora 17/18

can we tpye in telugu in libreoffice in fedora 17/18 i am using libreoffice 4.0 please tel me the process by which we can type in telugu in libreoffice

This should be possible. I have outlined the basic overall process. You will need to first ensure Fedora is setup:

  • Install the language packages. This should also install the default font package lohit-telugu-fonts.
  • Install additional fonts as required i.e., perhaps the pothana2000-fonts and vemana2000-fonts packages. The University of Chicago South Asia Language Resource Center has a few more Telugu fonts.
  • Set your keyboard layout to Telugu Inscript.

Make sure you have the Telugu (te) language pack (langpack):

Start up Writer and setup the LibreOffice language settings (Tools > Options… > Language Settings):

  • Languages > Enhanced language support check Show UI elements for Bi-Directional writing.
  • Writing Aids > User-defined dictionaries check the te-IN entry.
  • Complex Text Layout > General options change the Numerals entry to Hindi if you want Devanagari numerals (१२३…) instead of the usual Arabic ones (123…). I don’t believe Telugu numerals (౧౨౩…) are supported.

Setup the default fonts to use (Tools > Options… > LibreOffice Writer > Basic Fonts (CTL)):

  • Set each entry to use a font that supports Telugu from one of the fonts listed above e.g., Lohit Telugu.

Let us know if you are successful or encounter problems.