Can we use Ask LibreOffice to suggest new ideas and features?

This Website is so great! Thanks a lot!

What about a website like this, were people can suggest and vote for new features!?


What do you think?

We could implement this without any changes, by simply using tags to identify feature requests and possible bugs. This way AskBot could be used as staging so bug trackers aren’t used for discussion - perhaps linking to mailing list threads in Nabble or other sources would also help.

Also remember bug trackers and other sources may not be in other languages than English, as opposed to AskBot which is expected to support other languages sooner than later.

This is a great idea! I would appreciate that!

As a current moderator I have started tagging questions that could lead to a feature request as such (“feature-request”). See

I am for it. Make that site, I already have lots of ideas.

I think the code is already out there. Somebody needs to revamp that site here: Just replace the word Question with Idea. That’s all you need.
And of course add a field where you can put in the bugzilla link/number for the idea.