Can webp images be inserted into odt documents? If so, how?

Using LO (64) and W10. Can webp images be converted into other forms usable in LO? If so, how?

The safest way is to save the web image to your hard disk, then to insert the saved image (preferably as a link, so it’s not included in the file). Sometimes you can copy the image to the clipboard and paste it in a document. Downside of that is that if the file gets corrupted, you will probably lose the image.

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If I understand what you’re suggesting, I can say that I’ve tried that but LOWriter keeps limiting my image choices to a particular list of image formats that does not seem to include webp. That’s what happens when I try to cut and paste. Any attempt to reach out and include an image from within a document simply using “insert image” excludes any image format not listed by LOWriter. It’s as if those images just don’t exist. I don’t believe I understand what you mean by inserting a saved image as a link. All the images I use have already been saved by me on my hard drive.

Oh I see, I thought that webp was a typo but it’s a real graphics format. :pensive: There are several bug reports asking for including a filter for webp, for instance So, you probably need to convert them to something that Libre can handle.

Thanks, Floris. There seem to be several free conversion sites out there. As per your suggestion, I’ll use one of them. I looked at the bug reports too but I can’t say that I understood them. Are they any kind of indication that at some time in the future LO will include recognition of webp files?

Don’t hold your breath. The webp format seems to have been invented for use in web pages, with an optimal ratio of size reduction and high quality to save bandwidth. Such things are are thought to be less important in other documents. While the developers don’t see the need of implementing a filter, you will have to make do with what’s available.