Can you create run time versions of databases as you can in Access?

I would like to create a database and then distributed it to my friends to use as well.
In Access you can create a run time version of the database meaning the user does not need Access on their machines for it to work.
Is the same facility available in LibreOffice Base?

The answer is no. You need Base installed on the other systems. With the Access distribution, corrections or changes cannot be made. With LibreOffice Base there is no cost.

I assume you are referring to the .mde and from Access 2007 the .accde files. These are not executable files and do need on the machines either the full version of Access or the MS Access Run Time program, which is free from MS. The VBA code is compiled and the source removed. The users cannot modify Forms etc. It is a method to provide a degree of security. You can also use the .mdb or .accdb files with the Run Time program.

There is no equivalent for LO Base.