Can you cut column data of unknown format and paste to calc?

I want to paste 4 columns of data to a calc file I cut from a utility listing phone info. Many attempts were made to paste special this data using “Text Import”. I came close once with all columns lined up but each cell was bordered in red which required clearing the direct format. This was acceptable but unfortunately I could never duplicate this again later on a subsequent try. Any clues as to how I got there?

Related was an attempt to use the “Other” separator that appeared to be a right arrow symbol → like the one from the Liberation Sans font. This proved to be problematic since I could not figure out any way to change the “Text Import” separator font. The only font allowed was a greyed-out Ubuntu which did not list the " → " special character. This attempt to try a different separator may be a “reaching for straws” but is there some way to change the font separator just for “Text Import”?

PS. The default font for the calc doc is Liberation Sans not the single Ubuntu font option for “Paste special - Text import”.


The Arrow-symbol in Textimport-preview indicates there are <tab>chars in the imported Text.
Check the [x]Tabulator as Column-Separator…