Can you go from speech to text in Libre Office?

speech to text in libre office?

Du you have tryed?

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I doubt there is any implementation for a math formula editor.

@ajlittoz where does the OP mention Math?

It seems to work dictating to Writer in Windows 10 (2H02) using Microsoft online speech recognition.

Enable the virtual keyboard, right- click the Windows taskbar at the bottom, and select Enable touch keyboard button. Click on the new keyboard icon and click the microphone icon, it will ask you to enable speech recognition in Start menu > Settings > Privacy > Speech.

Possibly, more functionality in Start menu > Settings > Ease of Access > Speech

Note: the speech recognition is provided by Windows, not by LibreOffice

It is difficult to enter numbers and operators, etc in Math. There are commands you can use, see Use dictation to talk instead of type


where does the OP mention Math?

Dictating software (speech-to-text) is usually a separate application, which depends on the operating system you are using. The idea is tho have one STT-system usable for all capable software. Some of the dictating software can work inside most components of LibreOffice, but some demand that you use their specific ‘window’ and copy the spoken text from there into the relevant application.

So, this is not really an issue concerning LibreOffice - even if there may be issues in how the software in question interacts with LibreOffice.

even if there may be issues in how the software in question interacts with LibreOffice

Therefore it is an issue concerning LibreOffice.

LibreOffice does not include Speech to text as far as I know. Under Tools Options Accessibility Miscellaneous Options You will find an Option that you have to check to Support Accessibility Tools (Program Restart Required)

@BigRAl Well, theoretically yes, we don’t know yet which STT-software or operating system, right? Also, dictating software is heavily language-dependent, many languages have minimal support in this area.


I didn’t mention Word 2010, I said Windows taskbar
Enter Touch Keyboard in the search field in the Taskbar if necessary