Can you have a clipart border?

can I add a clipart border to a word document?

I think we speak of Writer documents, LibreOffice. There are some possibilities to do that. You may find some explanation for that in German language on DrawSpielereien/SchmuckRahmen - Archiv des LibreOffice- und

There you can download for the gallery a ZIPped folder including a template and 3 files for the gallery (copy in program folder or in user profile folder; 3 files sg801.sdg | sg801.thm | sg801.sdv, ). The template may show you how it works in general (dummy text inside a clipart border - mind the wrapping and the clipart’s anchoring). The 3 files create a new item called Schmuckrahmen in the gallery. On Linux and installed in parallel the path for inserting the gallery files is about that: /opt/libreoffice5.4/share/gallery

Thank you I will have a go.