can you help with text box rotation?

I am currently working in LibreOffice Writer. I need to rotate a text box but I can’t.
Once I have the text box I right click on it, then choose position and size. On the window that pops up I go to the rotation tab where I have the pivot point and the rotation angle. I enter my desired angle, click OK but nothing happens.
The “protect position box” on the position and size tab is unchecked so it’s not that.

if I go to format on the top menu, i go down to rotate or flip but nothing is available.

I have the exact same issue if it is a list box.

I really don’t know what to do to make this happen.

can someone PLEASE PLEASE help me with this issue?

I appreciate it very much!

Works like a charm for me in a blank document in LO 7. Didn’t try the listbox. Is there anything special about your document that might cause the trouble?

I don’t think there is anything special. In doubt, I just opened a new blank document and tried this specifically but it still didn’t work. I really don’t understand!! :frowning:

How to rotate a text box? in Writer


There is no method to rotate Form controls. It appears that since list box is one of the issues, that text box is of the data control type and not from Insert->Textbox. Even on a Base form there is no way to rotate these controls or the text within.

So what can I do to rotate my text box?


As already stated in my last comment, if these are Form data controls, there is no method to rotate them. The option should not be accessible as it controls nothing.

Using Insert->Textbox it can be rotated along with the text but does nothing for the list box you note.

There are several solutions, but you must tell what you want to do with such rotated text.

Is this some header set into a left or right margin instead of the top header? Is this a label along an inserted picture?

The way to do it depends on your purpose. Please give details.

@ajlittoz thank you very much.
@Ratslinger has been clear on his explanation, there is no way to rotate Form data controls.

What I am doing is a fillable form for employees to write their reports on. I created a list box where I have their names so they can choose their own name on their reports.
On the far left I have another list box with the options 1st Week & 2nd Week (every pay period has two weeks). That is also for them to select the week their report is from. My intention was to have this list box vertically to save space on the form but since it isn’t possible I had to leave it horizontal. Though I am not happy about it, I can’t do anything because it’s not possible so I have to stick with it.
I hope my details were well explained.
Thank you all for your help, I really appreciate it!!