Can you highlight each row of data to make it easier to read cells far to the right of each row?

I sometimes find it difficult to read data far from the end of each row. Is there a way to highlight the whole row of data to make it easier to read the complete line without having to cursor to the end. Hope I’m making my self clear.

Would you, please, explain for what reason selecting the complete row clicking its number does not meet your needs?

There are two suggestions that should address your need.
The first relates to Lupp’s comment. If you click on the row label on the left, it will select the entire row and highlight it. This works fine if you are only reading the contents. If you need to edit anything, the selection is lost and then you are back where you started.
The second involves displaying two panes for the worksheet. At the extreme bottom right of the spreadsheet, to the right of the right-facing arrow for the lateral elevator, there is a small vertical line. Select and drag that to the left. This will create a vertical divider in the window with the left portion of the spreadsheet on the left and the right portion on the right. If you select a cell in the right portion, you can scroll to the right, affecting only the right portion so that the left most columns, those in the left pane, are unaffected. Since title type information is usually in the earlier columns, like A through D for example, you will be able to see which row is of interest.

As an aside, the same technique is available for splitting the window horizontally to read long columns of information. The tool is just above the upper vertical elevator button at the top right of the window.

There are two other options, depending on desired results:
#Select all cells and go to Format → Autoformat. There are some color templates with alternate row colors.
#Use conditional formatting for odd and even rows. See this question and maybe this howto.