Can you make a cell, such as heading be like at different angle to rst of table - similar to a parallelogram

Dont have a great deal of space and need to add times at top of some columns, thought if cells in top row could be manipulated so the TIME could be adding on a “slant” it would then give a little leeway.

If that can be done could text then be added “on the slant too” No great issue about the text because I CAN slant it in another program and copy and paste it BUT would be useful to know.

THANK YOU for any help or advice greatly appreciated



PS Have only discovered this site as previously just had to work things out on my own OR abandon my ideas
ALSO had GREAT difficulty asking my question as it was chucked out several times - mainly due to not completing “Tags” correctly Doh!

Menu Format - Cells - tab Alignment

See the Text orientation section

You might find this topic on another forum helpful; it also has a sample document.

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