Can you make my fonts crispy?

I am a journalist and I would like crisp fonts.

See the two pictures. OpenOffice Writer offers superlatively crisp lettering with anti-aliasing off. So easy to read!
C:\fakepath\Open office crisp fonts.PNG

But LibreOffice fails to replicate this. Even with anti-aliasing off, it still produces heavy, smudged lettering.

I am on Windows 10 with ClearType turned off (important).

I have tried

  • Turning off anti-aliasing in LibreOffice
  • Turning off “Use Skia for all rendering”
  • Using OpenCL
  • Not using OpenCL

Any advice on how to make LibreOffice display fonts how I’d like them?

Oh, and I’d recommend crisp fonts to you too. Much easier to read. I’m amazed by the reaction when I show co-workers how to generate crisp fonts on Windows on on browsers. Death to anti-aliasing!



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Have you tried the Tweaks application? According to this article Tweaks allows you to control the ‘hinting’ quality of the font. Would that work for you?

All the text, the icons and the rulers in the LO screenshot are blurred. Is it a different screen? Is the screen at a non-native resolution? Start Menu > Settings > System > Display > Display Resolution check that it is recommended resolution. While you are there click on the link Advanced scaling settings and turn on Fix scaling for apps

Thanks, but it’s not resolution. The two screenshots are from the same screen taken seconds apart. Everything other application on the screen is fine - it’s just text in LO I need to fix

Tweaks app is for Ubuntu at a full system wide level - I’m in Windows 10, and it’s only LibreOffice that has this problem. But thank you for your idea

Have you looked at question 126419 ?

Intriguing advice! I followed it - and it’s close. The fonts are different - crispier - but not in the same way OpenOffice Writer renders them

Here’s the result for LibreOffice when the advice in Question 126419 is followed

for LINUX install GTK to smooth font -

@Getafix: this module package will affect rendering of the icon set in the UI and must be consistent with the active desktop manager: libreoffice-gtk3 for GNOME and kin, libreoffice-kf5 for KDE Plasma. The default libreoffice-x11 is effectively a poor fallback.

Font rendering is not impacted by the UI renderer.

For me it did work, hence I posted

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Getafix: The OP is on Windows, though, so your suggestion wouldn’t help him/her.

On windows I have no issues, I had this issue on Ubuntu 21.10 & this resolved it for me, hence posted

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