Canadian Spell Check file needed please

I run Ubuntu 14.04 on a HP Mini, and installed LIbreOffice I am able to use spell-checker with English (US), but don’t get any wavy lines or any recognition of misspelled words when I work in a document using English (Canadian). I tried using terminal, and entered - sudo apt-get aspell-en_CA, but only got a message that there was no such file. Your northern neighbour would appreciate some help!

Although you are not my northern but my eastern neighbor, I will do my best.

When I install or upgrade my LibO on XP, I can select dictionaries I want to install. In Linux I am not (yet) sure

Typically additional dictionaries can be installed as Extension. I assume that LibO in Ubuntu has also an Extension Manager. Tools > Extension Manager. Thus go to:

I had a quick look and found: American British Canadian - spelling/hyphen/thesaurus dictionaries But also look yourself because there might be more.

Thank you, my far Western Neighbour! I went there and I got LanguageTool-2.5.oxt. Now some words will autocorrect, but the spellchecker itself still isn’t operating. I’ll keep on looking. I think that you put me on a good track.

It worked. I downloaded and installed and now it is fully operational. Thank you!