Cannot Add JRE in LibreOffice Base for Apple Silicon

In Preferences/LibreOffice/Advanced the checkbox for selecting a JRE is grayed out. Also, no JRE appears in the box “installed on your machine” although I have JAVA 8.1 installed.

How to install Java (JRE/JDK) so that LibreOffice could use it?

Can that help?

Thanks for the suggestion but it does not help. If I run LO 7.2.4 (Intel) then Base works fine. JAVA 8.1 is selected. I can access my database. But with 7.2.4 (Apple Silicon) none of the JAVA JRE/JDKs (8, 17) are recognized and I cannot open my database. If I’m understanding some of the posts correctly this appears to be a bug which may be corrected in LO 7.3 (Apple Silicon). But, I’m searching for more info and possibly a workaround so I can use the native Apple Silicon version on my new MacBook Pro.

7.2.x for Arm MacOS did not include any Java support, and now that it is end of life, it won’t be fixed.
Try a 7.3.x version, for which Java is recognized again.