Cannot add myself as an author

I have tried all the tricks, and no matter what I use, I cannot add myself as an author in a way that translates to a PDF. Too bad my university requires this for submitting my dissertation!

Methods I have used: adding author as a custom property field, and then my name; going to Tools, then options, then adding my name as author and my name as the company; adding myself as the author in the property comment field.

I sincerely hope that someone has a method that works. My university’s bureaucrats are not known for their understanding or compassion.

Select the menu Tools>Options>LibreOffice>UserData.

Enter your forename and surname there.

image description

Click OK.

Click on the bottom of the page and allow a footer.
Select the menu Insert>Field>First author.

image description

Save your document.

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With me Windows 10 Home; Version 1909; 64-Bit | LibreOffice, Version: (x64).

Thanks for trying, neither of those methods worked. I have added Author: my name in the comments field of the description tab of the properties box. I hope the university accepts this.

will that put it in my ‘properties’ for the metadata? I don’t want my author name in the footer. my publisher requires it elsewhere

not to mention, it populates the ‘field’ with my real name not my pen name and never shows in the metadata. WHich I think is where the misunderstanding it happening. I don’t need it in my document AT ALL. I need it in the metadata. THere is not an author field in the description portion of the document properties.

Please don’t revive old topics, especially when they have been marked as solved. Your question is about something else.

Clearly the ‘old topic’ you claim I’ve revived did not answer my question, which no one has yet.

How do I get the AUTHOR NAME to appear in the PROPERTIES, when clicked on in the file manager or under ‘file–properties’???

I repeat, I do NOT want the name to appear in my document, but in the METADATA, so that when I convert to PDF it’s embedded information