Cannot add records to a database

Hey all,

When I’m looking at a database in Data View, there is no way for me to add a record or edit existing records. If I click "Insert > " the Record option is grey and not available to click.

If I “edit” the database in “Table Design” all I see is the Field Name/Field Type.

Is there anyway I can just open the data and update it manually like in Access?


@Ramne, I have a primary key associated with an ID field and I’m still unable to edit anything in the database.

I think you lack an id-column.
This column must have unique values.
Select the table, right click and Edit.
Now, either let an existing column be the tables id by right-click in the field left to “Fieldname” and choose Primary key,
or create a new field to be your Primary key.

I fixed my problem. I think something went wrong when I imported my database from Access. I created a new database and within the new database I could edit the tables just fine.