Cannot add subform "based on existing relation"

With Firebird 3 embedded, using the form wizard, I cannot select the option “Sub-form based on existing relation” (in the 2nd dialog). It’s greyed out/disabled. The other option, “Sub-form based on manual selection of fields” is enabled.

I have no such problem with HSQLDB. The first option is enabled, and lists child tables that apply.

I’ve also tried registering the FB3 database, but it didn’t help.

It’s more out of curiosity. I have no qualms about creating a subform manually, via wizard or design view. Having designed my tables personally, I know exactly what relationships are involved with any table. I’m just wondering if there are any advantages to using that first option, that I’m not aware of.

Any ideas? Thx


This is a resolved (v6.3.3) bug issue → tdf#120945

Please always include OS, specific LO version and database used even if posted on a previous question since each and all items can change from question to question.