Cannot change line spacing


In the newest sections of a document I’ve been compiling over time (Windows 10, L.O. version , the spacing between lines suddenly became much further apart.

Normally, I select text and then choose the toolbar option for line spacing and removal/addition to format paragraph spacing.

I have tried many things (changing line-spacing through all of the options, modifying text style, changing to paragraph text style) to get it to match the rest of the document, which has normal single-spacing, but nothing has worked so far.

How can I make the newest sections of the document go back to normal single-spacing between lines?

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What is your way of formatting documents: styles, including character styles for bolding or italicizing words, or manual formatting with keyboard shortcuts (or menu commands/toolbar buttons)?

Among your trials, have you selected the problematic area and applied Ctrl+M (= clear direct formatting)?

When you write “sections”, do you mean a “part of the document” or the technical object added with Insert>Section?

Thank you - the Ctrl + M function worked, and now the problem area matches the rest of the document.

Usually, when formatting does not change despite newer action, this is a sign of lurking direct formatting, i.e. some formatting applied manually outside styles.

This direct formatting can be cleared with Ctrl+M or Format>Clear Direct Formatting to restore the selected text to the state defined by its paragraph style plus any added character styles.

Learn to work with styles to avoid such problems.

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