Cannot change the name of a button in Base

LO (64bit) on Windows 11 laptop

I have created an Image Button on a form using the name B_BundelUPD.
When checking the properties the name is shown correctly.
When using right-click mouse for the object the same name is also shown correctly.
When using this name in a macro to disable the button nothing happens.
Changing other buttons in the same way works correctly

When renaming the button in both places and in the macro it works OK, so the issue can be resolved that way…
However: When trying to change the name back to the orginal name this is possible in the properties-list, but not using the “right-click” mouse name: I can type the name but cannot use the OK-button.

Two questions:

  1. Why using two names for the same object in LO?
  2. Have I done something wrong (Is the name already in use somewhere else maybe?)

Could you add a database, which will show the problem? Database shouldn’t contain personal data.

What I have seen in school before while creating tables with pupils: something like "Forename " instead of "Forename" or " Surname" instead of "Surname".

Thank you for replying.
I had indeed tested that it is not caused by using spaces, I had that experience indeed before.
Sending the database is an issue: I am using a front end part with a backend Firebird database installed as a server. Another point is that de database contains personal data.
Although it is not an issue that cannot be reolved by renaming the concerned button, I would like to understand what the issue is in order to prevent happening again.