cannot click the menu with cursor

Unfortunatley after many times of trying and installing there is still a mean bug with libre office on my computer.
Thats the second Laptop I try to get it work on. Both Laptops had Win 10. Both Laptops had the same issue:
The Menus are not shown correctly when I hover over with my cursor. Generally if I want to click something I need to click it a bit below in order to select it (yepp, thats weird). It’s a real pain in the ass to select somehting (sometimes impossible). Even when I want to select a cell I need to click 1 cell below to select the cell above. Never had that before. Additionally somehow the “graphics” are looking a bit cheap. Don’t know how come.
Java is up to date.
Any ideas?

Thanks and Kind Regards,

nobody, really?
I would upload a screenshot for easier understanding if I knew how to.

I’m having the exact same issue. no answers to be found.

it’s making using spreadsheets exceedingly annoying.

please. someone?

@thebeardedbarman This is not an answer. Please use comments as such.

This question has been answered many times already. Go to Options ( Alt + F12 ). Then under LibreOffice->View turn off (uncheck) Use OpenGL for all rendering.