Cannot create report in design view

I cannot create a new report in design view. I select “Reports” and on the “Tasks” section, I click on “Create Report in Design View” and nothing happens.

Here’s the version I am using:
Build ID: 1:6.1.2~rc1-0ubuntu0.18.04.1
CPU threads: 4; OS: Linux 4.15; UI render: default; VCL: gtk3;
Locale: en-US (en_US.UTF-8); Calc: group threaded

Can this be fixed?

Can you create forms, open them and edit your data with them? I notice that one of the first things that happens when I do as you say above, is that I get a request for a password. Not that I expect you to get this, as I am connecting to MariaDB, but because connection to the database is one of the first things that should happen. So the reason I ask if you can create forms, open and edit w/ them, is to collect info about what else might not be working correctly, as a clue.

I also notice, thought it shouldn’t matter, that you are running a fairly dated kernel (4.15). I’m using Debian stretch w/ 4.9.0-8-amd64. Another Q is if you’re updated generally speaking, i.e. apt … wise.

Yes, everything I do with forms works fine. Thanks for asking.

I’m fairly new to the linux world – 3 or 4 months. I just install all the updates that come my way. The distro I’m using is FerenOS. What would be the effects of having the dated kernel that I have?

When I get stuck like this, usually I somehow try to divide and conquer. In your case, and I’m not sure which is easiest, I might try to install a 2nd version of LO, to see if it’s version has anything to do with it. OR I might give your .odb file to someone else and see if they can create a report from it. OR I might reset your LO user profile and re-try. For me your distro and kernel version are suspect. I think I might try booting from another distro, via a CD or USB stick or something.

@Easytrieve Curious as to why you believe kernel v4.15 is dated? Your v4.9 is much older! I personally use v4.15.0-33.

@Ratslinger, Thanks for pointing out my embarrassing mistake.

Thank you @EasyTrieve and @Ratslinger for some good suggestions. Moving a few states away this week will keep me from testing them out. But I when I am able I will report the results back here.


There may be two problems with filling your request. Have seen a few problems in this area using versions from the distro. Those problems were due to some item missing. On Ubuntu based systems the preferred method is through a PPA. See this page for details → LibreOffice Fresh.

Even if that were to fix your immediate problem, there is an outstanding bug in Report Builder. Any labels used in the report will simply print Label once you exit the creation of the report. This bug is due to be fixed in version 6.1.3 and due to be released any day.

So the recommendation is to switch to the PPA and wait for the updated version release or install a version prior to version 6.1.1.x.

I added the PPA, but notice no change, either in report builder, or even in the version information that comes up with “Help-About LIbreOffice”. Is this a bug I need to report?


Just noticed your OS posted. Can’t say this has anything to do with it but stranger things. And don’t worry about your Kernel version - it is fine. Some systems I have are older & work just fine. Have just switched to Ubuntu Mate 18.04 where I have LO PPA v6.1.2.1 and all is working as it should (except it has the aforementioned ‘Label’ problem).

You may want to try resetting your user profile. See → LibreOffice user profile

Just after making my initial post, I suspected that having recently installed the “Base report extension” was the cause of my problem. I uninstalled it, but that did not help. I just checked the user profile. I restarted LO in safe mode, but that made no change as far a being able to use the report designer.

That is about the extent of the possibilities known to me on this subject. Best to file a bug report. After, please post bug # back here for others to reference. Not familiar with your distro so that is not out of the question.

Bug report #121136

The solution was found via the discussion in the bug report. My distro has additional packages “LibreOffice-report-builder” and “LibreOffice-report-builder-bin.” I needed to have both of these installed for the report designer to work, but I only had the “LibreOffice-report-builder-bin” package installed. Installing the other package fixed my immediate problem of not being able to open the report designer. Then several other problems with designing and running a report showed up, which are probably separate issues which will require upgrading to a newer version.

@dougmn Glad all (sort of) is working for you now. Have never completely understood why disto versions regularly fail to include everything for LO. Base in its entirety is usually left off and Report Builder items missing here & there. I personally stay away from distro versions.

You have to just install LibreOffice-report-builder. Use this command in terminal. # sudo apt-get install libreoffice-report-builder. It will install Oracle report builder. Actually some distro do not install this app with LibreOffice. So your LO is missing report builder.